Pesalife platform


Pesalife platform

Do you need some cash urgently? Do you need extra cash? Are you unemployed? Are you fired? Do not worry I have some good news for you. Here is the solution. Pesalife is here for you. It gives you an opportunity to earn real cash and or some extra money a day. Pesalife is real and legit has helped many people to earn a living. It is a registered company and is allowed to operate.

Before you join you should consider the following;

(i) choose your mentor and upline wisely

(ii) ensure you are well versed with the platform and how it works

(iii) ensure you deposit money using the right procedure to avoid loosing you money. That is do not send your money to an individual.

(iv) put on the skills you are given by your mentor and you will not regret anything.

(v) when you join make sure your account is activated and do not forget to select a package that you would like to use.

How to join pesalife platform

You can use the website or use a link from a friend who will be your upline and also a mentor. After joining you have to activate your account by paying for your desired package and select the package after payment.

There are three packages in pesalife and they include:

Basic package: In this package payment is $8 and it is renewable annually.

Star package :Here activation fee is $16 and it is also renewable annually.

Platinum package: This is the third and the last package. Activation fee is $48 which is a lifetime fee meaning you will not be renewing since payment is once in a lifetime.

Ways of earning in pesalife


Referrals means bringing your friend of family members to join the platform using your unique link. The link is given to you upon activation. For the basic package direct referrals pays $5 and the indirect referrals pays $3. In star package, direct referrals pays $7 and indirect referrals pays $5. Lastly, in the Platinum package, direct referrals pays $12 and indirect referrals pays $8. All under the first two downlines. Also added advantage is that when you refer a star package and you are in platinum package you get 300 points and when you add a platinum package you earn 400 points.

Sending and receiving money online

In pesalife there is a chat app which allows you to send and receive money online from different countries. Also you are able to chat with your family members and friends.


In blogging, you can write any topic that is attractive and the one you have passion with. After writing a blog you post it and wait for the views so that you can start earning. It pays $1 per view.

Whatsapp status views

For you to earn from WhatsApp status views you should have net some condition,that is,you should bring at least two downlines and also write a blog. After doing so your WhatsApp account will be automatically be linked to pesalife account. It pays $1 per view meaning if you have 50 views you are capable of earning $50 .


Pesalife offers loans to it's members. Any active member is eligible to get loan that is more than $100. Moreso, loans are given at low interest and less charges apply.


Withdrawals is instant in pesalife and and it is done during anytime of the day. Minimum withdrawal is $5 only. Another added advantage is there is monthly bonuses for being an active member in pesalife that is $85 .



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