We welcome you to pesalife

Feb 27, 2021

We welcome you to pesalife

Welcome to the winning winning team 

1. creat your pesalife account from a link provided by a sponsor which is free apart from a few internet bundles.




     2. Activate your account by buying either two packages available for earning from the whatsapp views that is, star packages (costs 16$-ksh. 1600) or platinum package (48$-khs.4800). There are three packages that Pesalife offers but the first package which is basic package (8$-kshs.800) does not give the priveledge of earning from whatsapp views.




     3. Your Pesalife account will get connected to your whatsapp account and once you post on your whatsapp status and it is viewed you will start ening your 10$(khs.100) per view. Pesalife will let you know what to post so let that not crack your head and you will also be guidede by your sponsor. How simple is that?


Apart from earning from whatsapp views, Pesalife has other ways of earning i.e blogging and affliliate program. better part is, once you have earned, it is fast and convinient to withdraw your money from your Pesalife wallet to Mpesa at any time, anywhere and any amount above kshs. 1000.




Do not be left behind by this fast growing online jobs. Grab a chance to claim your space at Pesalife. you could visit pesalife website to varify for yourself how much legitimate it is but, I can tell it is absolutely legitimate and the best.




Businesses too must rise and form strategies that will compete for their online space.




WhatsApp and social media in general has numerious benefits when marketing through them, first, you are keeping up with the competion; it is a trend that consumers expect brands, products and services to have an online presence, secondly, you will be expanding your reach to even more audience thus earning bigger




There are currently more than 2 billion WhatsApp users and rising around the globe. The higher number of whatsapp users means great ad and reach potential.




Mold into what your environment requires so as to complete for your digital space and in this case, the digital environment is demanding we mold into it. Fit into the digital world.


In our current situation we normally face problems/issues in getting jobs or even being employed. PESALIFE gives us a chance to invest into a brighter future and say no to unemployment.


Just imagine getting paid 100ksh per WhatsApp/instagram/Facebook view or likes.


Join us today to become part of our team. We are looking forward to be with you and help you to build a brighter future.


Come and let's achieve our goals in life together with pesalife and thank you for your time I wish you a happy new year and a great day🥳🥳




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