What about this one

May 16, 2021

What about this one

One of the hardest parts about blogging is getting started.


From choosing a theme (or even developing one from scratch), to building out a basic content strategy, to actually beginning writing, there are a lot of things that need to be figured out to ensure a successful launch.


Then, once you’re up and running, keeping it updated with consistent content while keeping pace with modern design trends and technical changes presents other challenges of their own.


So, you want to make sure you start on the right foot. And you can do just that by following these blog examples from others who have been there and found success. Plus, this post will share actionable tips and takeaways to help you emulate their tactics and processes.


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Table of Contents


Microsoft Story Labs

Musicians Friend: The HUB

Shopify Blog

Orbit Media Studios Blog

Modcloth Blog

The Home Depot Blog

Smart Passive Income

Chris Brogan

Think With Google

Boing Boing



Laughing Squid

Bad Red Head Media

Ahrefs Blog



PlayStation Blog

Michael Hyatt

Spoon Fork Bacon


Microsoft Story Labs

Microsoft’s business spans across several different industries. From innovative PC hardware to their venerable productivity software and beyond, few companies have greater global reach or impact on how the world uses computers. Microsoft's Story Labs blog covers all kinds of stories around their products.




What’s Great About This Blog?

Both the company and its consumers produce incredible stories every day. Some of the most interesting are captured on the Microsoft Story Labs blog, which shares interesting pieces on their products and the people who use them.


Whether that means the United Nations partnering with students to build better public spaces using Minecraft, or a wallpaper company revolutionizing a “boring” product, it excels at publishing compelling content like what you’d find on a leading non-branded blog.


How to Emulate Microsoft Story Labs

This blog excels at exceptional storytelling; the kind that requires rolling up your sleeves, doing some research, and really getting to know your interview subjects.


Hone your inner journalist.

Ask your sales team for ideas on interesting customers.

Share those stories on your blog.

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Musicians Friend: The HUB

Shopping for musical instruments can be challenging due to the incredible range of options for any given product category. Plus, quality can vary wildly between different pieces of equipment at different price points. For a newcomer, this can make for an intimidating shopping experience.




What’s Great About This Blog?

That’s what makes Musician’s Friend’s blog, The HUB, such an awesome example of content marketing done right. Instead of forcing customers to go somewhere else to do product research, this blog is full of helpful buyer’s guides and informative articles. Best of all, they’re written in a way anyone can understand, so beginners unsure of what they need can make the best decisions for themselves.


How to Emulate The HUB

While e-commerce companies can benefit most directly from following this example, any website with product or service pages could employ a similar approach.


Figure out which questions newcomers to your industry often ask.

Create informative buying guides.

Make that content easily accessible on product pages.

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Shopify Blog

Few companies do e-commerce blogging better than Shopify. Their blog covers a broad range of topics related to business, marketing, and the Web.




What Makes the Shopify Blog Great?

The first thing that stands out is its variety of content. If you’re running an e-commerce business, there’s a lot you need to do marketing-wise, and it wisely avoids the trap of being too narrowly focused.


How to Emulate the Shopify Blog

Figure out which topics resonate most with your audience.

Consistently publish content on a variety of those topics.

Get multiple voices writing on your blog.

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Orbit Media Studios

Lots of marketing agencies invest in content that demonstrates their expertise and capabilities. Few do so as well as Andy Crestodina and the team at Orbit Media Studios.




What Makes the Orbit Media Studios Blog Great?

It isn’t easy to be both actionable and concise. However, this blog consistently achieves both of those goals. Their posts typically share applicable how-to marketing advice in a way that’s easy to understand, while also showing the reader how to implement it.


How to Emulate Orbit Media Studios

If you tell someone to do something, show them how to get it done.

Eliminate extraneous information.

Try to stick within a reasonable word count.

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Buying clothes online can be a hassle when you can’t try anything on. It’s even harder when an online store doesn’t have a physical counterpart where you can drop off returns. The Modcloth Blog helps make things easier by sharing style tips, showing off new products, and more.




What Makes the ModCloth Blog Great?

Top-notch product photography is the name of the game here.


How to Emulate the ModCloth Blog

Even if you don’t have access to a professional photographer, you can start applying some of the principles that make this blog’s photography work so well.


Invest in photography.

Include real people in your product shots.

Show people creative ideas for using your products.

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The Home Depot Blog

DIY projects make excellent blog fodder. Home Depot capitalizes on this with a blog that focuses on actionable advice for completing all kinds of different home improvement tasks, and more.




What Makes the Home Depot Blog Great?

The first thing that stands out is its quality design. It isn’t flashy, but it looks good. Next, you’ll notice the variety of ways to filter content to find exactly what you’re looking for.


This navigation bar allows you to sort posts by Most Recent, Most Popular, and Just For You:




That last category is the most interesting. You can select what you’re interested in reading about, and it’ll automatically show you posts related to those topics:




How to Emulate the Home Depot Blog

One thing to focus on here is making content people want, and then make it easy to sort and find.


Make it easy to filter content by category or interest.

Make content interactive.

Make that content detailed and actionable.

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Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income founder Pat Flynn is a blogging machine. He’s built an immensely profitable business and he shares his advice willingly.




What Makes Smart Passive Income Great?

This blog is awesome because it’s full of advice that Pat has actually executed. He speaks from first-hand experience, and that’s just one thing that helps this blog stand out.


How to Emulate Smart Passive Income

The key here is to share tips around things you’ve actually tried. Taking this approach leads to unique and original posts that others can’t copy easily.


Become an expert at something new.

Share what you learn.

Be generous with your expertise.

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Chris Brogan

When you arrive on Chris Brogan’s website, there’s a promise that you’ll learn how to “use media and community to earn customers.” And that’s exactly what you’ll find once you look around on his blog. Brogan has written several marketing books and also offers some great free resources.




What Makes Chris Brogan’s Blog Great?

It’s well-written and the posts are quick. Readers are given quality takeaways without having to set aside an hour to read each one. Quality is more important than length.


How to Emulate Chris Brogan’s Blog

There are some things about this blog that aren’t particularly hard to emulate (though copying Brogan’s expertise may be tough, and well, you can’t really be someone else anyway).


Make your blog’s focus clear.

Offer free resources on your site.

Blend opinion and practical advice.

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Think With Google

If you think Google would know how to create great content, you’d be correct. They publish several different blogs, but for this post, take a look at Think With Google.




What Makes Think With Google Great?

What stands out here is the sheer variety of types of content available. From the home page, you’ll find articles, videos, infographics, tools, research reports, and more.


How to Emulate Think With Google

Create a variety of content formats.

Make that content easily digestible.

Keep it updated consistently.

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Boing Boing

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Boing Boing. If you haven’t, it describes itself as, “A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things.” That gives you some idea of what you’ll find here, which is a wide variety of interesting stories loosely revolving around art, culture, technology, and beyond.




What Makes Boing Boing Great?

Beyond exceptional writing, it excels at offering a diverse mix of stories that other sites and blogs don’t cover. It’s both relevant and unique, which isn’t an easy balance to strike.


How to Emulate Boing Boing

Curate stories you think your audience would find interesting.

Cover a variety of topics.

Develop a strong editorial voice.

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Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger have been writing one of the best blogs for copywriters for years.




What Makes Copyblogger Great?

There are a lot of things to praise here. One aspect that makes this blog one of the best is its clarity and focus on offering strong educational content. Any time you visit Copyblogger, you can rest assured you’ll leave with something useful you can apply to your work.


How to Emulate Copyblogger

Don’t neglect beginners and non-experts.

Get to the point.

Help your audience be more productive.

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